Connecticut Covid 19 Vaccine Training


First Approach EMS Education is proud to offer:

Covid 19 Vaccine Training & EMT Administration of IM Epinephrine via Syringe


Connecticut EMTs are now allowed to administer the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Get trained to administer the Coronavirus COVID—19 Vaccine & administration of IM Epinephrine via syringe.

First Step: Complete COVID-19 Vaccine Administration for Healthcare Profession on CT Train

Second Step: Complete EMT Administration of IM Epinephrine via Syringe (includes “Ready, Check and Vaccinate” Education Certification)

2 Hour Training includes lecture and hands-on practical skills session. CT OEMS Approved (2021-82)

Cost: $150


All classes will follow CDC guidelines. Socially distanced training. All participants will be required to wear masks.
All training will take place at First Approach EMS Education @ 2 Craftsman Road  East Windsor, CT


If your department would like us to bring the training to you, we can certainly setup a date/time (5 minimum/10 maximum) per session.  For groups, contact us at

Connecticut Vaccine Training Classes

Classes for Connecticut residents to administer the covid 19 coronavirus vaccines


Class dates: